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About net reservation

Please fill in the necessary items in the form below, please press the submit button after confirming the contents

Click here if you wish to use Quick Start Service (QSS)

* Minors can not use cars. please note that.

* For those who are 25 years old or older (Student not allowed) for 2 years or more after acquiring the license.

Type of vehicle (required)

* Depending on the reservation situation, it may not meet your wishes.

Desired model name (required)

* Depending on the reservation situation, it may not meet your wishes.

Preferred loan date (required)
Preferred loan time(必須)
Desired return shop (required)   
Desired return date (required)
Desired return time (required)
Those who have obtained a license within one year (required)   
Disclaimer indemnity system (required)   

※ If you have a license and you are within one year you need to join the exemption indemnity system. In case you can not join, please understand that you can not use the car.

Your desired pick-up area(required)
Number of pick-up persons(required)
Number of children under 6 years old(required)
Rental Option(Required)

※ If you do not rent please check "None".

In case of using after 3 nights or more, there will be no additional charge on the 4 th day.

Those who use 6 hours, the same day, 24 hours are also getting a 1 night charge.

※ Junior seat can be used from 4 years old or above or 15 kg or more

* Full Seg with One Seg

Child's age

* Fill out only those who wish to have a child seat

Child seat desired installation position

* Fill out only those who wish to have a child seat

Smoking car / non smoking car(required)
Phone number(required)
E-mail address(required)

For customers who fall under the following, please attach a copy of your license or ID card. (The one with the back side is also attached to the back side)

* Customers who wish for Quick Start Service (QSS)
* When people other than the contractor are driven by QSS usage request

(Health Insurance Card / Resident's Card / Social Insurance Receipt / Passport / Pension Diary / Seal Certificate / Alien Registration or Residence Card etc.)

Questions · Requests · Shopping destination etc.
(required)Please be sure to fill in. Please see the Otaru rental car rental agreementand agree with the contents and check the following.

After confirming the contents of Otaru rent-a-car rental agreement, I agree.

  • Payment on cash or credit card on the day, please.
  • Otaru city has a shuttle service free of charge, but please understand that it may not meet your wishes depending on the time zone and place.
    ※ If you wish to transfer, please fill in the desired destination and number of people to be transferred.
  • Depending on the loan situation, you may not be able to prepare your desired model, but please note in advance
  • The confirmation e-mail will be sent from usand thereservation will be confirmed .
    Please note that reservation can not be confirmed by sending a reservation only.